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jqGrid is a popular jQuery Plugin for displaying and editing data in tabular form. It has some other more sophisticated features, like subgrids, TreeGrids, grouping and so on.

jqGrid was developed mostly by Tony Tomov in the past and it was available under MIT/GPL-licences till the version 4.7.0 published Dec 8, 2014 (see here). Short time after that the license agreement was changed (see here) and new 4.7.1 version was published.

The code from the GitHib repository is the fork of jqGrid 4.7.0 - the latest version available under MIT/GPL-licences. It will be provided under MIT/GPL-licences.

Below you can find short description of new features already implemented in the fork. The version is developed by Oleg Kiriljuk, alias Oleg on the stackoverflow and OlegK on trirand forum.

Read Wiki for more detailed information about the features of free-jqGrid.

Free jqGrid can be used for free. You can still donate by sending money via Paypal to with the comment "free jqGrid".

One can install the package with respect of bower by using "bower install free-jqgrid", with respect of npm by using "npm install free-jqgrid" or from NuGet by using "Install-Package free-jqGrid".

The repository is included on cdnjs. So one can include CSS by using

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

If you skip http: and https: prefix in the URL then the prefix of the current page will be used. In the same way you can access JavaScript files by

<script src="//"></script>


<script src="//"></script>

All language files are available in js/i18n sub-folder and plugins under plugins sub-folder. For example

<script src="//"></script>

In the same way free jqGrid can be loaded from jsDelivr CDN too (see here).

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

It somebody want to test the latest version of free jqGrid one can load it directly from GitHib using RawGit service:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

Compatibility with jqGrid 4.7.0

  • the default values of some option of jqGrid are changed (see detailed description below). If you need to use other values as new defaults then you should include the option explicitly as parameters.
  • some changes in "localization files" from i18n folder are made. One should used the files included in the fork and not combine old "local files" of jqGrid 4.7.0 with new jquery.jqGrid.min.js or jquery.jqGrid.src.js.
  • the internal method $.fmatter.util.NumberFormat is renamed to $.fmatter.NumberFormat. You have to make the same renaming if you used internal method $.fmatter.util.NumberFormat directly in your code.
  • the internal methods $.jgrid.createModal and $.jgrid.info_dialog are changed. The methods expect DOM of the grid as this. So if you used the methods directly in your code you should replace $.jgrid.info_dialog(...) to something like $$("#grid")[0], ...).
  • because of changing the structure of the "localization files" from i18n folder the access to the strings are changed. If you used any strings from the locale files in your code directly, like $.jgrid.errors.errcap for example then you should use the code to use $("#grid").jqGrid("getGridRes", "errors.errcap"). The new method allow to access localized strings, which corresponds to the current locale of the grid. If you want to access some specific locale, for example "de" then $.jgrid.errors.errcap can be accessed now as $ The same string from the default US-English locale is accessible under $.jgrid.locales."en-US".errors.errcap. If you have a lot of code which uses different old localization constants you can use $.extend(true, $.jgrid, $.jgrid.locales[jgrid.defaults.locale]); as a temporary solution. We don't recommend to hold the workaround for the long time.

The following new features are implemented currently

  • Auto-adjustment of the width on columns based on the content of data in the column and the column headers.
  • Redesign of the structure of Navigator Bar of the pagers. Allow wrapping of icons in multiple lines and allow to place texts under the navigator icons.
  • Support of other icons as jQuery UI icons. New jqGrid iconSet can be used to redefine full set of icons. Currently allowed values of iconSet option are "jQueryUI" and "fontAwesome". It's enough to define new set of icons under $.jgrid.icons in the same way like "jQueryUI" and "fontAwesome" and use new value of iconSet option.

The default values of the following old jqGrid options are changed (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • height: "auto" are used now instead of 150 before. It improves the visibility of small grids or the grids having small number of rows. No scrollOffset: 0 are required to remove unneeded free space which one sees on some grids which have no vertical scrollbar.
  • gridview: true are used as default with the only exception: afterInsertRow callback are defined. The usage of gridview: true improves performance of rendering of the grid. In case of usage afterInsertRow in old projects instead of much more effective cellattr, rowattr or custom formatters one will have backward compatibility.
  • dynamic default value is used now for rowNum. The default value rowNum: 20 will be changed to 10000 (the value of the new maxRowNum property) if no pager exists in jqGrid (no pager and toppager: true option are used) or if one uses jqGrid option which switches off the pagination (like treeGrid: true). New jqGrid option maxRowNum can be used to change the maximal value of rows displayed in the grid from 10000 default to another value. By the way jqGrid allow now to specify rowNum: 0 or rowNum: 0. In the case jqGrid replace the rowNum value to maxRowNum during initialization of the grid.
  • dynamic default value is used now for datatype. If one uses input option data or if one don't specified any url option, then undefined datatype will be initialized to "local". If one uses no data option and specifies url option then one initializes datatype to "json" if the input option jsonReader are used. In case of usage any other combinations of input parameters the option datatype will be set to "xml" to stay mostly compatible to jqGrid 4.7.0 and older.
  • editurl: "clientArray" are use now instead of editurl: null used before. It allows to use local editing without minimal additional efforts and the requirement to have any server part implemented.
  • cellsubmit: "clientArray" are use now instead of cellsubmit: "remote" used before.

The most the changes corresponds the tendency of web development last years. Local JavaScript data and JSON data loaded from the server (especially in combination with loadonce: true) are used now much more frequently. The data will be more and more quickly processed by web browsers espessially the data which are not placed on the HTML page as DOM elements. Thus free jqGrid improves support of local data source and it will continue to do this in the next versions.

The following new features are implemented (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • support of auto-adjustment of the column width based on the content of data in the column and the content of the column header. To use the feature one should specify autoResizable: true property in the column (one can use cmTemplate: {autoResizable: true} to set the property for all columns). After that the usage of double-click in the resizer (in the column header close to vertical line between columns) the width of the column will be adjusted. One can use autoresizeOnLoad: true jqGrid option to auto-resize all columns having autoResizable: true property directly after loading/sorting/paging of the grid. **LIMITATION: Some values of text-overflow CSS style defined on <td> could break auto-resizing functionality. For example the usage of .ui-jqgrid tr.jqgrow td { text-overflow:ellipsis } will break auto-resizing.
  • one can specify the alignment of the column headers. See below the description of labelAlign and labelClasses properties of colModel.
  • CSS of jqGrid is changed to simplify integration of jqGrid in projects which uses frameworks other as jQuery UI, for example Bootstrap.
  • jsonmap property of colModel can be used now with datatype: "local". The only exception is the existence of non-empty dataTypeOrg jqGrid option. The option will be set automatically after loading the data from the server and changing datatype: "json" and datatype: "xml" to datatype: "local". The option allows to use jsonmap property for the data loading from the server and skip the property in later processing of the local data.
  • .trigger("reloadGrid") has now additional option fromServer: true which allows to reload the data from the server in case of loadonce: true scenario.
  • including of English localization file grid.locale-en.js is not more required for successful working of jqGrid.
  • new formatter: "checkboxFontAwesome4" (in plugins/jQuery.jqGrid.checkboxFontAwesome4.js) and the method initFontAwesome (in plugins/jQuery.jqGrid.fontAwesome4.css and plugins/jQuery.jqGrid.fontAwesome4.js).

The following new jqGrid options are implemented (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • new lastSelectedData option with sorted and filtered data can be used. See the old answer for details. No "subclassing" of internal $.jgrid.from method are required more. The name of the internal option lastSelected are changed to lastSelectedData.
  • new widthOrg option saves the value of width during creating of the grid. It will be used internally mostly to detect the case when jqGrid was created without specifying of any width explicitly. It will be interpreted so, that the width of the grid could be adjusted on other changes of the width of the columns.
  • new dataTypeOrg option will be used internally in case of the usage remote datatype ("json" and "xml") together with loadonce: true. The option will be deleted by .trigger("reloadGrid").
  • new doubleClickSensitivity option with the default value 250 specify the time in ms. The resizer will stay visible at least the time after the first click. In the time the user can makes the second click and the double-click on the resizer could be detect.
  • new autoresizeOnLoad option used in combination with autoResizable: true property of colModel. If autoresizeOnLoad: true option are used then jqGrid make auto-resizing of all columns having autoResizable: true property direct after loadComplete. REMARK: Auto-resizing of hidden grids not work. So if you for example fill the grid on the hidden jQuery UI Tab for example then you can include the call of autoResizeAllColumns method directly after the tab will be active.
  • new autoResizing option is map of properties like groupingView used in grouping. It allows to tune some behaviour of auto-resizing.
    • compact - default value false. Means the usage of compact calculation of the width of the column header without reservation of the place of sorting icons
    • widthOfVisiblePartOfSortIcon: default value 12. Should be used only if one replaces the default jQuery UI icons to another icons.
    • minColWidth: 33 - minimal width of column after resizing
    • maxColWidth: 300 - maximal width of column after resizing
    • wrapperClassName: "ui-jqgrid-cell-wrapper" - the name of the class assign to <span> included in every cell of the grid
    • adjustGridWidth: true - means that the width of the grid need be adjusted after resizing of the column
    • fixWidthOnShrink: false - fill be removed later. It will be not included in the release
  • new singleSelectClickMode option with default value "toggle". It allows to control deselection of previously selected row on clicking on the row. Default behaviour now is toggle of selection. The have old behavior one need to specify any other value for singleSelectClickMode option, for example singleSelectClickMode: "selectonly" or singleSelectClickMode: "". It's important to stress, that the behaviour of setSelection method is not changed. Multiple calls of setSelection will not deselect the row.

The following new colModel properties are implemented (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • one can use template: "integer", template: "number", template: "actions" in colModel to simplify the usage of formatter: "integer", formatter: "number" and formatter: "actions" in colModel. The list of the standard templates will be extended in the next versions. One can use $.extend(true, $.jgrid.cmTemplate, { myDataTemplate: {...}} to define custom column templates which can be used like template: "myDataTemplate" in colModel. See the post and the old answer for more information about column templates.
  • autoResizable which will be used for auto-adjustment of the column width based on the content of data in the column and the content of the column header
  • autoResizingOption property is an object like editoptions, searchoptions or formatoptions. It can be used to change some common autoResizing grid options to another value which is specific for the column only. The properties of autoResizingOption: minColWidth, maxColWidth, compact.
  • labelAlign property with "left", "center" (default), "right" and "likeData" values,
  • labelClasses property allows to add CSS class to the column header.
  • editable property can be defined as function. It have one parameter as object with properties: rowid, iCol, iRow, name (column name), cm (column item in colModel), mode ("add" or "edit" in case of inline editing, "cell" for cell editing and "addForm" or "editForm" in case of form editing). The callback function can return true to make the cell in the column editable. Form editing allows some other strings as return value: "hidden", "disabled", "readonly". The value "hidden" means including the information in the form as hidden row. The value will be sent to the server in case of remote editing. The value "readonly" means making the text input field readonly. The value "disabled" means making data input field (select/checkbox/textarea and other) and the label disabled and readonly.

The following new methods are implemented (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • setColWidth - allows to change the width of the column after the grid is created.
  • autoResizeColumn - has integer iCol as parameters. It resize the column iCol if it has autoResizable: true property. Remark: Auto-resizing don't work with hidden grids.
  • autoResizeAllColumns - has integer iCol as parameters. It resize of all columns having autoResizable: true property. Remark: Auto-resizing don't work with hidden grids.
  • getGridComponent - allows to get different components of jqGrid like "bTable", "hTable", "fTable", "bDiv" and some other. The method will be extended later.

Changes in existing methods and jqGrid options

  • one allows to create the grid from <table> element existing on the HTML page even if it has no id attribute. jqGrid assign unique id to the <table> automatically.
  • one can use pager: true option of jqGrid. In the case new <div> with unique id will be generated, placed on the <body> and the pager option will be modified to id selector of the new <div>
  • one allows to use navGrid skipping of pager parameter. navGrid will will create the navigator bar on all pagers of the grid (on one or two pagers depend on the values of pager and toppager option of jqGrid).
  • one allows to call inlineNav skipping of pager parameter. inlineNav will will create the navigator bar on all pagers of the grid.
  • one allows to call inlineNav without previous calling of navGrid to create the empty pager. inlineNav will call navGrid itself if it's required.
  • Method gridResize are improved for the case of usage of the jqGrid option height: "auto" or height: "100%". It allows only horizontal resizing of such grid. See FontAwesome4 demo below to see how new version of gridResize works.

The following new callbacks and jQuery events are implemented (comparing with jqGrid 4.7)

  • fatalError - new callback which can be used to change displaying of critical error with respect of another function as default JvaScript function alert. One can use the feature in unit tests for example.
  • resizeDblClick callback and jqGridResizeDblClick event will be called on the double-click on the column resizer. It's important to stress that the callbacks will be called even if no autoResizable: true property are defined in colModel. It allows to implement some custom action on double-click on the column resizer. Returning false or "stop" value from resizeDblClick callback or jqGridResizeDblClick event in case of autoResizable: true property set in the column will prevent resizing on the column by calling of autoResizeColumn.
  • the callback beforeInitGrid and the event jqGridBeforeInitGrid are added. There will be executed directly at the beginning of creating jqGrid. It allows to make some changes before any parts of grid will be created.
  • the callback onShowHideCol and onRemapColumns are added. There correspond jqGridShowHideCol and jqGridRemapColumns event which already exist in jqGrid 4.7.

The following bugs are fixed

  • reading of XML/JSON data having default repeatitems: true property in jsonReader or xmlReader in case of usage key: true in some column of the colModel.
  • many parts of jqGrid are fixed to allow to use special characters like dot in ids.
  • deleting of rows which id contains comma character.
  • id duplicates in case of usage inlineNav for both top pager and bottom pager.
  • the bug in data grouping with hiding of parent summary row on hiding of the last subgroup.
  • ...

Other changes in jqGrid and remarks

  • files from i18n are changes to UTF-8 format. The texts should be always used as Unicode characters if the corresponding characters are visible. Compare for example grid.locale-ja.js with the corresponding file included in jqGrid 4.7.0 (see here).
  • some common properties which have no relation to the language are moved from the localization files grid.locale-*.js to grid.base.js module.
  • We plan to change default value of autoencode from true to false in the next release of jqGrid. We recommend all to include autoencode option explicitly. We remind that autoencode: false means that input data (including JSON data loaded from the server or local data loaded from the object) are interpreted as HTML fragments and not as pure data. It can produces some strange side effects if the data contains symbols &, ;, > and other used in HTML markup.

Changes in grid.locale-*.js files

  • the files are renamed to corresponds ISO 639-1 or ISO 3166-2 defines abbreviations for languages. The list of changes:
    • grid.locale-cat.js with Catalan translation is renamed into grid.locale-ca.js (ISO 639-1)
    • grid.locale-mne.js with Montenegrin translation is renamed into grid.locale-me.js (ISO 3166-2)

Some demos which demonstrates new features

  • GetFilteredData - demonstrates how to use new lastSelectedData option which returns, in contrast to data, filtered and sorted data items from all pages of jqGrid. Try to set some filter in the demo, make sorting by some column and set the page size to 2 for example. Click the button above the grid and see the displayed results.
  • jsonmapLocal - demonstrates how to use jsonmap with datatype: "local".
  • saveLocally - demonstrates how to use saveLocally in addition to jsonmap with datatype: "local" for implementing custom binding of columns to local data.
  • autoResizing - demonstrates the default behaviour of auto-resizing feature. Double-click on the column resizer (in the header close to the right border which divides the columns). You will see the default behaviour of column resizing.
  • autoResizingCompact - demonstrates the default behaviour of auto-resizing feature. Double-click on the column resizer (in the header close to the right border which divides the columns). You will see the behaviour of column resizing in case of usage autoResizing: { compact: true }.
  • autoResizingWithShrinkCompact - modification of the previous demo. It uses no shrinkToFit: false option and width: 518 instead.
  • autoresizeOnLoad - demonstrates auto-resizing on loading. Try to use sorting, paging the grid, and see the results.
  • autoresizeOnLoadCompact - the same demo as before (auto-resizing on loading), but with the usage of autoResizing: { compact: true } additionally.
  • autoResizingPerformane1000 - the demo create the grid with 1000 rows. By double-click on resizer you can see the performance of resizing for relatively large number of rows.
  • alignLabel - demonstrates the usage of new labelAlign and labelClasses properties of colModel.
  • autoResizingGrouping - demonstrates then auto-resizing on loading works with grouping too.
  • autoResizingGroupingRtl - the same as the previous demo, but it uses RTL.
  • LocalTreeGrid - TreeGrid filled with local data.
  • FontAwesome4 - Demo which demonstrate the usage of Font Awesome 4 plugin.

  • navButtons0 - demonstrates resizeable navigator bar with icons

  • navButtons1 - demonstrates resizeable navigator bar with icons and texts
  • navButtons2 - demonstrate new iconsOverText:true option
  • navButtons0-fa4 - demonstrates resizeable navigator bar with icons. It uses Font Awesome 4.
  • navButtons1-fa4 - demonstrates resizeable navigator bar with icons and texts. It uses Font Awesome 4.
  • navButtons2-fa4 - demonstrate new iconsOverText:true option. It uses Font Awesome 4.